About ME

Hi there! I'm here to help you hone your skills to a pro level, educate you, guide you, help you win your games and climb higher. I'm very flexible, friendly and very very patient. When I reached Challenger I was pretty much katarina and nothing else. Last 2 seasons I decided to change some roles a bit and in past 2 seasons I have been playing mid and adc reaching master/challenger, but I can coach all the lanes due to my long League experience.

What you can expect from me as a coach is finding the most optimal path to achieve your specific goal. I've been interested in coaching for the last 2 years and have studied well over 300 hrs of coaching sessions of the top coaches in the scene. I'l l try my best to make a coaching session as enjoyable and productive as possible and answer any question you might have.

I've been watching some seminars about coaching seassion,even though i have a lot of experience in game and i want to share it with people and help them improve and become even better than me,I'm a passionate LoL player and a friendly coach the reason i'm doing this it's because i love helping other players improve.

1. My severs: NA/EUW/EUNE/OCE/LAS/LAN.
2. Jungle & Jungle Pathing
3. Best item order.
5. Decision making. Tricks & tips that make game easier by playing katarina.
6. How to play Mid lane.
6. How to play ADC.

I am completely flexible, my work sessions are for days. 2 hours minimum