Rox Dylan

About ME

hello to the whole community. I started playing League at the end of season 3. During that time I've learnt how to master all roles and I would be more than glad to be able share my knowledge with you. I can teach you pretty much any mid thats in the game. However I will always suggest what champions I think you should play based on your elo (It really makes a huge difference). I always adapt according to your skill, so dont be worried that X wont work for you because you never played it.

I cant make you start winning all your games. But I can show you what youre doing wrong and try to pinpoint what causes you to do those mistakes and how I think the most efficent way is to fix them. To know what to improve on and what order speeds up your process to climb. For many people its been important to see how many crucial mistake they make during one game, that are not affected by their teammates

My goal with coaching is to help players improve their mechanical as well as strategical aspects of the game, and help them reach their goal whether it be climbing to #1 in SoloQueue or prepare them for Team ranked or simply become an overall respected player. I have experienced ranking up from EUW, which allows me to provide you the very best game knowledge.

I am completely flexible, my work sessions are for days. 2 hours minimum