About ME

Hi, I am a booster with 5 years of experience. I am 23 years old, my main roles are mid and supp. My style of coaching is based on three approaches but remains focused on two factors: Macro game and farming. I would start to anaylize, with you, your knowledge and your shortcomings in order to set up a working method. We will start from your champion pool, determine your mains picks to work in a first place champions deep machanics "learning professional combos", attitude to adopt according to the game, how to trade but especially when trade, how to manage your lane.
My methodological list is based on:

1. I focus on analyzing your strengths and abilities.
2. I will teach you a personalized list of game styles.
3. I will help you learn from your mistakes and focus on your improvement and gameplay.
4. I will give you a diagram of possible routes.

I am able to coach in NA/EUW/LAN/LAS/EUNE. Individual players and teams are accepted. Most of the reserves can be applied via skype/discord with share screen for live action and real time coaching for tips and tricks. My specialization is based on farming style. I will help you to perfect that style, which stands out inside the game.

My sessions are flexible, the trainings have a minimum of 2 hours per day. I am available 24/7, once you have purchased the service. You must send me a message and in a maximum of 10 minutes I will be able to respond. I recommend a minimum of 2 weeks of training and a maximum of 2 months.